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We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Life After Bankruptcy Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not mean that your credit is ruined forever. If you have worked to rebuild your credit, you may actually be a better risk than someone who did not file bankruptcy but had overwhelming debt. Our bankruptcy lawyers can give you information about your options.

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Will I ever be able to get a credit card? This is an indication that you will be able to make your payments. We have seen many clients rebuild their credit after bankruptcy and get credit and credit cards. What is to prevent me from getting into financial trouble again? Credit counseling and a financial management class are mandatory under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people find that going through the bankruptcy process leaves them more capable of managing their financial lives.

Can I file bankruptcy again? One of the reasons it is surprisingly easy to get credit after bankruptcy is that lenders know that you will need to wait either four or eight years to file again, depending on whether you filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What to expect if you file for bankruptcy

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney To learn more about life after bankruptcy, contact our Tampa, Florida, law firm. Tampa Bankruptcy Law Blog. David and Julie fade in. RRSP and the sofa fade out. The words "Some assets may be sold" fades in below David and Julie, with a camping trailer, a motorboat and a painting below the words.

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A speech bubble appears to the right of the trustee, with the words "Surplus income payments. These payments ensure that people who declare bankruptcy and have sufficient income, contribute to paying off a portion of their debt. The word "Debt" disintegrates, starting with the "t" and moving backward to the "d", with the pieces flying off to the right of the screen.

Life After Bankruptcy

A four-item checklist dissolves in, with check boxes on the left and the items on the right. A checkmark is drawn in the box next to the first item, which is "alimony, child support. Now the fourth and final item on the list, "student loans," is also checked off, so that all items on the list are now checked off. Starting from the right, the gold stars change to dark grey, with only the first star remaining gold. The stars fade out. The trustee on the left and an industrial crane on the right move in from the left side of the screen. The crane is lifting the word financial and the word "future" is resting on the ground below it.

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The hook for the crane releases the word "financial" and retracts upward, and moves horizontally toward the cab of the crane. The images fade to a blank screen.

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The screen fills with four boxes. The top left box says: They alternate woman, man, woman, man, woman. The website also includes a searchable database of Licensed Insolvency Trustees—the only professionals who can file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy application in your name—should you wish to contact one for information. The screen and the music fade out.

How are Loans made by Relatives Treated if You File Bankruptcy?

The Canada wordmark appears in the centre of the screen and eventually dissolves. What to expect if you file for bankruptcy Summary After talking with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, David and Julie decide that bankruptcy is the most appropriate option to handle their debts. However, you can easily expect that these proposals give a bigger stake for unsecured creditors, which were left with breadcrumbs by Hemen and Centerbridge. You can also expect that none of these proposals contained better terms for common equity. With no improvement for common equity from new proposals, I continue to expect further downside in Seadrill shares — even from current levels.

Houlihan Lokey completed the usual discounted cash flow analysis, selected publicly traded comparable companies analysis and selected precedent transactions analysis to come up with an estimated valuation of the company. As a result of its analysis, Houlihan Lokey came up with these numbers:. If you believe that these numbers adequately reflect the value of Seadrill, than a 1. The first obvious difference is on the liability side.

Another thing to consider is, of course, the asset side. I suspect that the difference may have been driven by the discounted cash flow analysis.

Trustee's rights of search and seizure

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